Tesla is recalling some Model X electric SUVs for an issue that could lead to the loss of power steering assist. 

NHTSA confirmed directly to Green Car Reports that the recall affects 14,193 vehicles in the U.S.; additionally, Transport Canada notes that there are 843 affected vehicles in Canada.

Model X deliveries started in the U.S. in September 2015, so this represents about the first year of production.

As Tesla outlined in its own recall page for the issue posted last week, the voluntary recall affects Model X vehicles built before mid-October 2016, while those made after that time are not affected. 

Specifically, and primarily in cold climates, corrosion can become excessive at the bolts that attach the power steering unit to the steering gear. A fracture or broken bolt could lead to the loss of power steering assist, but as Tesla clarifies: “This would not prevent the driver from steering the vehicle, but it would require more force to turn the steering wheel, especially during low speed parking maneuvers when power steering assist is at its highest use.”

2016 Tesla Model X

2016 Tesla Model X

As a remedy, Tesla will replace the bolts and add a corrosion-preventive sealer, and if the bolts are found broken or can’t be removed, it will replace the vehicle’s entire steering gear. The company says that it will notify affected owners when parts become available. 

The recall appears to closely follow one issued in March 2018 for the Model S fastback—also for steering-bolt corrosion. In that effort, 123,000 Model S cars produced from 2012 through April 2016 were recalled.