Karma Automotive announced Tuesday that it will now accept Bitcoin at its flagship Newport Beach location. 

In addition to dabbling in cryptocurrency for simple transactions, Karma will also explore theoretical blockchain applications outside of the that space, the electric-car manufacturer said in its announcement. 

This move signals Karma's intent to expand its role as a tech incubator as well as an automaker. Many large-scale manufacturers have entered partnerships or established their own tech incubators to study green energy, mobility and other items outside of the traditional automotive sphere. 

It also serves to further differentiate the new Karma brand from its roots in Fisker Automotive, from whose ashes the new company was formed. The Revero GT is the only carry-over product; two more models are planned along with a forthcoming in-house EV platform. 

The next model expected to be unveiled is the Pininfarina GT coupe, which is a two-door riff on the Revero GT developed in partnership with its namesake design firm. The third model teased so far is simply called the SC1 Vision Concept, and it will be Karma's take on the Tesla Roadster. 

Now located adjacent to John Wayne Airport in Orange County, Calif., Karma touts that it is the only automaker designing, engineering, marketing, and hand-crafting cars exclusively in Southern California. 

A number of dealerships, especially in the exotic-car realm, have accepted Bitcoin for years. But it may be the first automaker openly boasting, with a press release, that it is now accepting it.

It's not by any means green, however. One report last year alleged that the cryptocurrency is used as much energy as all of Ireland—mostly because of currency mining.  

Karma plans to launch a new performance variant of its existing Revero GT sedan and give a more detailed road map of its future product plans during its November 19 presentation at the LA auto show. Get ready to spend that cryptocurrency.