When it comes to ads for electric cars, there have been few to choose among, until recently.

Now that a variety of traditional carmakers have brought electric models to market, electric car fans finally have a selection of ads they can choose from as their favorites. That's the topic of our Twitter poll this week:

We think there are four great options to choose among: 

The latest is the first North American ad from Porsche for its plug-in vehicles, including the new Cayenne E-Hybrid and the upcoming all-electric Taycan. The Taycan won't even hit the market here until late this year, but Porsche wants buyers to be ready. In the ad, though, what the company suggests needs to be ready is electricity itself.

The next most recent successful ad (for the non-profit electric-car advocacy group Veloz) was a spoof that showed Arnold Schwarzenegger undercover as an electric car salesman really trying to hawk a smoky Hummer instead. It's funny; it enumerates the real-world advantages of electric cars; and it shows them as normal and accepted.

The third ad was perhaps the most directly aimed at the broader car-buying public who may still linger under perceptions about EV's limitations, an ad for the Audi E-tron called "Not for You." It shows electric cars as normal, if uncommon. As the narrator names perceived limitations of electric cars, the visuals show the car doing all the things the narrator thinks EVs may not be able to do.

And then there's this international ad showing the capability of the E-tron demonstrating its power by climbing a ski jump with special spiked tires and an emergency braking mechanism.

We, of course, think they're all great, and are happy to have a variety of compelling EV ads to choose from. Click on over to our Twitter poll to let us know which one is most effective.

And as always, remember that our Twitter polls are unscientific, because of low sample size, and because those who respond, from our collection of readers interested in cleaner transportation is hardly nationally representative.