The first electric car for Hyundai's Genesis brand is due in 2021.

Manfred Fitzgerald, the brand's global executive vice president, noted to Australia's Drive that the company is working on a new electric platform that is likely to spawn both a sedan and an SUV, with the sedan likely to come first.

Though Genesis has shown several EV concepts over the years, the introduction of a conventional luxury electric sedan—rather than the already expected electric SUV—represents a new direction for the brand.

Genesis Mint concept for two-seat urban electric car

Genesis Mint concept for two-seat urban electric car

Previous electric Genesis concepts have included small coupes that stretched the definition of a luxury car. At the New York auto show in 2018, Genesis showed Essentia, a high-performance two-seat coupe, with butterfly doors. A year later, at the same show, the company rolled out the Mint concept, a tiny, luxurious two-seat coupe meant as an upscale urban commuter. It nevertheless took the show by storm.

Fitzgerald said the brand is also working on developing a new fuel-cell vehicle, which could be based on technology used in the Hyundai Nexo from Genesis' parent company.

"We are absolutely committed to alternative propulsion," Fitzgerald told Drive. "I think you will see that Genesis will have every alternative covered in a relatively short space of time.”