Update: This story has been udpated to correct the typical range calculation from overnight 16-amp charging.

Every new electric car needs a charge point. For many years since the introduction of EVs, that has been one of the sales obstacles that companies, dealers, and others have had to overcome.

Now Clipper Creek, one of the longest-running names in vehicle charging solutions, has come up with a new charging station that will also families to buy a second electric car without needing to buy a second unit.

The company introduced the HCS-D40 dual wall charging station earlier this month. It comes with two J1772 cables so owners of two electric cars can plug them both in at the same time.

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Based on Clipper Creek's similar HCS-40 series, the HCS-D40 carries a peak rating of 32 amps, though when two cars are plugged in, it can deliver only 16 amps to each car. That's enough to recharge about 80 miles overnight in each car. That may not sound like much in this era of more new EV models with 200 miles of range, but it's plenty to cover most people's daily drives. 

On days when one car goes farther, the owner can simply plug one of the vehicles in and recover range at a higher rate. 

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If there's a downside, it's the price. The HCS-D40 sells for $1,349, more than twice the price of a basic home charging station these days. 

Clipper Creek notes that it can be clipped to the same wall mounts that other charger in the HCS-40 family use. The company also says that up to four HCS-D40s can be installed on a pedestal at public Level 2 charging stations to allow up to eight cars to charge at once.

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The HCS-D40 is only available as a hard-wired unit. It can't be easily unplugged and removed from the wall if homebuyers move, for example.

We've seen many EV fans this year begin buying their second electric cars as more practical, long-range models become available. This could be a good option for some who want to mind their amps while keeping more EVs charging along.