As Tesla has scrambled to revamp its model lineup in the face of lower tax credits and falling U.S. sales, some new variants have gone on sale before the EPA's site,, has even posted those updated ratings.

Now the EPA is displaying official numbers for the Model 3 Standard Range and Standard Range Plus, as well as the new Model S Long Range.

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Of note: Both models achieve better efficiency ratings than existing, longer-range versions of the Model 3. Although MPGe ratings aren't particularly useful for electric vehicles, which are "fueled" in kilowatt-hours, they underscore a modest improvement.

The new Model 3 Standard Range Plus, which has 240 miles of range, is rated at 133 miles per gallon equivalent, combined. In city driving, the EPA rates it at 140 MPGe, and 124 MPGe on the highway. That's better than any other electric car except the Hyundai Ioniq Electric, which is rated at 150 MPGe city, 122 highway, and 136 overall. 

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The Model 3 Standard Range Plus, rated at 240 miles of range, gets higher efficiency ratings than the Standard Range Model 3, with its smaller (and presumably lighter), 220-mile battery. The Model 3 Standard range is rated at 136 MPGe city, 124 highway, and 131 overall, just a smidge better than the Long Range Model 3 at 136/123/130.

2019 Tesla Model S Long Range

At the same time the EPA confirmed Tesla's 370-mile range estimate for its new Long Range Model S. The new version has significant updates compared with older versions, including new motors and power supplies, as well as more usable battery capacity.

The new Model S Long Range is rated at 111 MPGe overall; 115 in the city and 107 on the highway. That's up from 101 city/202 highway, and 102 overall for last year's Model S 100D.