Karma issued a stop sale on 2018 Karma Revero models following a recall for an airbag issue.

The side curtain airbags have a defective rollover sensor, the company said, and may not deploy in a rollover accident. Side curtain airbags are a key safety feature in a rollover, because when they deploy, they can keep occupants heads from hitting the roof frame and even prevent occupants from being ejected.

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According to the recall, the 2018 Revero's rollover sensors were inoperable, which would prevent the airbags from deploying in a rollover.

The recall notice reads: "In the event of a roll over crash, the side curtain/head protection airbags may not deploy as intended due to a rollover sensor system that is not enabled."

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Karma will replace the airbag control unit with one that has rollover sensing enabled and, to bring the cars into compliance with federal safety laws, will also add an airbag warning light and new text in the owners' manual to describe the system.

The recall affects just 231 cars. The company will send out recall notifications to existing owners, and Karma's dealers, in 15 U.S. cities, will perform the recall work.

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Karma just revealed the updated 2020 Revero GT at the Shanghai auto show last week, After just revealing the updated 2020 Revero GT with a new engine from BMW, new batteries, motors, and electronics at the Shanghai auto show last week.

The latest recall follows two others last year for the 2018 Revero: One for driver's side mirrors with the wrong glass, and another for side curtain airbags that could detach after inflation. The company also recalled 2012 Fisker Karmas in 2017 as part of the (much) larger Takata airbag recall.