As Volkswagen and other automakers dial back from auto shows, in the U.S. it sees them as a way to explain electric cars to shoppers. A new survey reveals that most car shoppers are willing to pay extra for alternative fuel. A new bill in Washington could add the state to the roster of those that require EV sales, along with California. And Fiat Chrysler gets hit with a fine for missing fuel economy targets. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Auto shows seem to be dying as automakers abandon them, especially luxury automakers from Germany. But VW's U.S. division may give auto shows a revival in their effort to sell more electric cars.

A new survey of car shoppers by InnovateMR shows that two thirds of carbuyers say they would be willing to pay more for an alternative powertrain. These days, the most prominent alternative "fuel" is electricity.

A bill in the state legislature would make Washington the 10th state to follow California's requirements to sell electric cars.

After lobbying the Trump administration to roll back fuel economy standards (along with its fellow Detroit automakers), Fiat Chrysler agreed to pay a $77 million fine for missing its fuel economy targets in 2016.

The predecessor of the Fiat 500e, a 1965 Fiat 500 F, has landed in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York

Finally, Americans say gas prices hurt more than healthcare. In a GasBuddy survey, they ranked gas bills as the fourth priority household bill, ahead of healthcare and savings.


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