Chinese electric automaker Nio introduced its second, most mainstream, model at an event in China on Saturday.

The Nio ES6 is a small-to-midsize crossover vehicle, which, according to Nio's optimistic specs, could deliver 258 miles range from its standard 70-kilowatt-hour battery, or 289 miles from a bigger 84-kwh battery, on the most-optimistic, outdated, NEDC European driving cycle. 

An available performance model is expected to have even more range, 267 miles or 317 miles from the same battery packs.

Nio Formula E race car, EP9, ES8 and Eve concept car

Nio Formula E race car, EP9, ES8 and Eve concept car

The performance model is expected to dash from 0-62 mph in 4.7 seconds, while the standard version takes 5.6 seconds.

Like the Dual Motor Tesla Model 3, the ES6 performance model will use different front and rear motors: a 215-horsepower induction motor drives the front wheels to provide maximum efficiency under normal circumstances, and a 322-horsepower permanent magnet motor cuts in at the rear when the driver demands more power. 

It will use an aluminum body with carbon-fiber reinforced panels.

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Nio introduced its first mainstream SUV, the larger ES8 last June, following its successful introduction of an electric sports car, the EP9 in 2017. It began selling stock on the New York Stock Exchange in September.

The company revealed the ES6 at an event it called Nio Day in Shanghai on Saturday, which the company said drew a crowd of 10,000 fans and customers.

At the event, it also revealed a new six-passenger version of the larger ES8 (until now, the ES8 has only been sold as a seven-passenger model), along with a battery upgrade plan that will allow owners of ES8s with the 70-kwh battery to upgrade to the 84-kwh model.

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Nio has designed its cars from the beginning to allow for quick battery swaps and opened its first of 18 battery-swap stations in China last May. ES8 owners should be able to select the larger battery at one of the battery-swap stations.

The company did not announce pricing for the battery upgrade but said the ES6 will start at about $51,827 (358,000 yuan). The bigger battery will add about $7,238, and the performance package will add about $5,790.)

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The six-passenger ES8 will sell for $66,147 (456,000 yuan), up from $64,960 (448,000 yuan) for the seven-passenger version.

Although the company only sells cars in China for now, it announced in September that it plans to bring its cars to the U.S. Pre-orders began Dec. 1, and the car is expected to go on sale in China in June.