A second Tesla owner is suing the company over an Autopilot crash. Recycled bottles could make good roads. Hot Wheels launches its own Tesla 'Starman' Roadster. Our Twitter followers weigh in on how soon all new cars could be electric. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

After the latest collision of a Tesla that was driving on Autopilot and ran into the back of a stationary car, the owner is suing Tesla for false advertising. This Florida suit mirrors one filed last month in Utah, after another Tesla hit the back of a stationary fire truck at highway speed.

With China no longer buying the bulk of recycled plastics, plastics companies around the world are looking to turn recycled bottles into asphalt roads. That could l eave no shortage of demand for the material.

For Tesla fans, Hot Wheels has launched a commemorative edition of its Tesla Roadster model to celebrate the Roadster that chief executive officer Elon Musk launched into space in the nose of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket in February. 

Our Twitter followers proved a realistic bunch of optimists in our latest poll about how soon all new car sales may be electric, avoiding the polemic answer of "right now" in favor of just a few years down the road.

A spy photographer captured images of the upcoming BMW iX3 electric SUV testing in Germany. There was no mistaking the car, with no tailpipes and "Electric Test Vehicle" stickers on the doors.

Finally, our sister site, The Car Connection, reveals the first contender for the Best Car to Buy in 2019.


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