Several automakers are experimenting with electric-car sharing programs as they look to an autonomous future when cars are more about providing rides than being purchased.

Volkswagen is going whole hog, launching an electric-only car sharing program in Europe that it also plans to bring to North America and Asia.

That led us to wonder if an all-electric car sharing program from Volkswagen would be of interest to our Twitter followers.

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Volkswagen turned off a lot of green car buyers when it advertised its high-mileage diesels as clean, when it turned out they weren't.

In our Twitter poll last week, we asked our followers: "Would you buy into a Volkswagen EV subscription plan?"

Given VW's recent history, our options included, "Yes, It may be cheaper," "Yes, for other reasons," "No, I won't give VW money," and "No, I would rather own."

For the most part, Volkswagen's recent diesel history played a minor role in our respondents' selections. 

Just under a quarter, 24 percent, said they won't support Volkswagen with their own money, even if it's for an electric-car sharing program.

Most of our respondents took a more traditional approach. The largest group, representing 37 percent of respondents, said they wouldn't subscribe simply because they would rather own their car.

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Another quarter of our respondents said they would subscribe because the program might be cheaper than other options.

The smallest group, 14 percent, said they would subscribe for reasons other than price. Perhaps they're hoping to spend some time in the upcoming electric VW microbus, the ID Buzz.

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Volkswagen plans to start its WE car sharing program in Germany next year but won't bring it to North America until 2020.

By then, the company's electric offerings will include the small ID hatchback as well as the larger, ID Crozz crossover vehicle, though it's not clear that the ID will come to the U.S.

The ID Buzz is not expected to go on sale until 2022.