A certain charging cord included in a small number of 2019 Volvo XC60 crossover SUVs may overheat and shock owners, or start a fire, the automaker said this month.

Volvo announced a recall for 35 Volvo XC60 T8 crossover SUVs earlier this month to replace the charging cords. The small number of affected owners should have already received a notification, or will receive notice soon. Owners should not use the cord until Volvo has replaced it.

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At issue are XC60 crossover SUVs that included certain AeroVironment TurboCord and TurboDock/TurboDX charging systems. Volvo said in government filings that the capacitors in those systems could fail and shock owners, or start a fire. Volvo will replace the cord for free.

Volvo said roughly 60 percent of the affected SUVs could have the defective cable. The automaker didn't say if any injuries were reported due to the faulty cord.

Volvo said it first became aware of the issue in late August. Affected vehicles were built between July 9-26.

The issue appears to be unrelated to a larger recall from Ford, which announced last month a recall of 50,000 plug-in hybrid cars to replace their charge cords. The cords could overheat and cause a fire, Ford said in its announcement.