A report from the National Transportation Safety Board reveals details of a fatal Tesla Model X crash in California. Is Autopilot to blame? Honda and GM are expanding their partnership to share batteries for electric cars. Freightliner and Volvo are building electric trucks to compete with the Tesla Semi, and we have all the latest deals on plug-in cars.  All this and more on Green Car Reports.

The NTSB has issued its initial report on the fatal crash of a Tesla Model X in California in March. The report shows the Autopilot was engaged and sped up before the car crashed into a highway barrier.

Honda is pairing up with GM to buy and help develop batteries for the next-generation electric cars from both companies. The batteries are expected to be smaller and to have more driving range than existing batteries.

Freightliner trucks, a division of German automaker Daimler, is gearing up a new line of electric trucks to compete with the Tesla and Nikola electric semis. Volvo has already announced an electric truck for city use.

We list all the best deals on green cars, from pure electrics to plug-in hybrids and fuel-efficient traditional cars.

General Motors announced it will expand its SuperCruise automated driving system beyond Cadillac to its mainstream brands.

Finally, we get a first chance to drive the new Lexus ES300h hybrid.