Sometimes you have to build a market when there's not one to cater to.

How else would Ford have begun selling 300,000 Explorers a year when they were based on a rough-riding, antiquated (even then) Ranger pickup?

Ford disseminated images in front of millions of American eyeballs of Explorers tracking campers along dirt trails, heading to the Grand Canyon, the Pacific surf, and the Redwood Forest. Americans who snapped up those ambitions snapped up the cars.

So electric car advocates may ask, why haven't the automakers done the same thing to promote electric cars?

Now thanks to reader EVPerks, we can see that they do—at least a little. If you want to see all the latest ads for plug-in cars, check out The EVPerks website, where you'll find a collection of eight electric-car ads from major automakers, for everything from the new Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid, (EVPerks started out as a meetup for electric cars in Bakersfield, California, in conjunction with an organic food store.)

We don't have room to post all eight videos here, but they're fun to check out.

We'd love to see more of these ads.

They may not exactly be blanketing the airwaves like those old Explorer commercials, but they're not for nothing. Who knows, if they attract viewers, maybe the automakers will spread them and more people will become interested. A few more might even buy plug-in cars.