You've heard of certified pre-owned cars, maybe even certified pre-owned electric cars. Now you can buy a certified pre-owned home charging station to go with your certified pre-owned electric car.

ClipperCreek, one of the oldest charging-station manufacturers, is offering two types of certified pre-owned models, the LCS, which delivers up to 24 amps of power, for $300, and the HCS, which can deliver up to 80 amps, for $400. Not every certified pre-owned model will deliver the maximum amperage.

The prices are flat, though the units come in various power levels, and with different connections (hard-wired or with various plugs to plug into your house.) Buyers will have to order them by phone, since the variety is too complex for web orders, ClipperCreek says.

Clipper Creek certified pre-owned charging station specs

Clipper Creek certified pre-owned charging station specs

All of the certified pre owned chargers have been inspected and tested "to ensure like-new functionality," and come with UL and ETL safety certifications, ClipperCreek says. 

"The ClipperCreek team developed stringent guidelines as to what products are considered for factory certification, and a process to ensure that all parts that can no longer be utilized are recycled in an environmentally-friendly manner," says Amanda Lance, ClipperCreek's inside sales manager.

The company says customers were asking to buy used chargers, and that the units will come in new boxes and with new manuals and connector holsters, since many don't come back to the factory with the used chargers. They may, however, have some scratches or other cosmetic imperfections.

The company provides a one-year warranty on the certified chargers, compared with a three or five year warranty on new ClipperCreek charging stations.