Today, we take a long look at what's needed to service a hydrogen-powered car, ask what will happen to electric-car startup Lucid, and have some Tesla news to boot. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

With the Tesla Model 3 now in nominal production, at quite low volumes, we asked our followers when the Tesla Model Y electric crossover utility would go into production. They had a very clear answer.

Electric-car startup Lucid (nee Atieva) reportedly offered to sell itself to Ford, which declined the offer, at least for the moment.

With more than 1,000 hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles on California's roads now, we wondered: what does it take to service a hydrogen car? The answers surprised us.

Volkswagen plans to price its ID hatchback aggressively, even though its first high-volume all-electric car won't be offered in the United States.

The Tesla Supercharger network of high-powered electric-car fast-charging stations is expanding aggressively, at least on the West Coast.

Diesels in Porsches never made sense to us, but they were required in Europe when the brand launched a sedan and an SUV. Now, the future of diesel engines at Porsche will be decided by the end of the decade.

Finally, we asked how the 2017 Fiat 500X tiny SUV stacks up against its sibling under the skin. (That'd be the Jeep Renegade.)


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