Volkswagen intends to take on the growing global electric-car market in an aggressive way, given the automaker's range of I.D. electric-vehicle concepts over the last couple of years.

While a complete portfolio of electric cars will eventually find their way into production, the first high-volume electric Volkswagen will be a production version of the five-door I.D. hatchback.

The I.D. concept is a Golf-sized electric car that made its debut at the 2016 Paris Motor Show with intentions of kicking off VW's electric-car revolution.

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Now, a new report emphasizes how aggressive Volkswagen plans to be when the ID reaches production: the automaker predicts a starting price $7,000 to $8,000 lower than that of a Tesla Model 3.

German publication Automobil Produktion hosted VW chief strategist Thomas Sedran who commented on the production I.D.'s price.

The Tesla Model 3 is expected to go on sale with a $35,000 starting price, which pegs the I.D. electric hatchback in the $27,000 to $28,000 range before incentives.

Volkswagen I.D. electric car concept

Volkswagen I.D. electric car concept

Volkswagen's Sedran cites falling lithium-ion cell prices for the positive outlook on its battery-electric vehicle.

In Europe, the price per kilowatt-hour for lithium-ion cells now hovers around $230, the article says. By the time the I.D. enters production, VW expects that price to be down to $115.

Although the article quotes the price in U.S. dollars, a leaked product roadmap for Volkswagen's portfolio of electric cars pegs the I.D. hatchback for Europe only.

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A production I.D. Crozz crossover utility vehicle is also slated only for Europe and China.

The U.S. will supposedly see two different models, an I.D. AEROe and I.D. Lounge, neither of which has been shown even in concept form as yet.

VW's reborn microbus—a production I.D. Buzz—wears a "to be determined" mark.

Volkswagen I.D. electric car concept, 2016 Paris auto show

Volkswagen I.D. electric car concept, 2016 Paris auto show

Volkswagen has shown various new Microbus concepts in the United States over the last 15 years.

So it may be a safe bet that a production I.D. Buzz reaches America, assuming VW's buyer surveys confirm that show-car interest might actually translate to sales.

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Volkswagen Group's ultimate plans include 30 battery-electric vehicles by the year 2025 with its major focus on China and secondarily Europe.

By the same year, it hopes to sell between 2 and 3 million plug-in cars—a figure double its earlier target.


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