If anything, the pace of new Tesla model changes seem to have increased of late.

Over the last year, a 60-kilowatt-hour battery option has reappeared, a new 100-kwh battery was launched, followed by a sequence of software updates to make it faster, and all Autopilot sensors were replaced with new hardware.

Now, quietly, Tesla has launched a new version of the 100-kwh Model S that gets its longest range yet.

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It puts together all the elements that maximize range on a Tesla.

They include a battery pack with the highest capacity (100 kwh), the "D" all-wheel drive system with two motors (so the control software can send power to whichever motor will use less energy), but not the larger and more powerful rear motor of the "P" performance version.

The new model is the 2017 Tesla Model S 100D, projected to have an EPA combined range rating of 335 miles.

2017 Tesla Model S

2017 Tesla Model S

That's 20 miles higher than the previous range champion, the Model S P100D, which received a rating of 315 miles.

The new version appeared early yesterday on the Tesla Motors online configurator; InsideEVs reported the story later in the day.

At 335 miles, the Model S 100D is not only the highest-range battery-electric car on the market, it also gets closer to the rating of the longest-range zero-emission vehicle on the market.

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That would be the 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell, sold in regions of California where one of 25 operating hydrogen fueling stations is now open.

The hydrogen-powered Clarity model is EPA-rated at 366 miles, or less than 10 percent more than the newest Tesla.

Tesla's Supercharger fast-charging network makes the Model S easier to use on long-distance trips than any vehicle presently fueled by compressed hydrogen.

2017 Tesla Model S

2017 Tesla Model S

A Model X 100D version was also launched at the same time yesterday, becoming the longest-range version of that vehicle at an estimated 295 miles.

The 100-kwh battery pack remains a $3,000 upgrade over the 90-kwh pack; prices for the Model S 100D start at $92,500.

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk said 15 months ago that he expected Model S ranges of 1,200 km (745 mi) to be achievable by 2020.

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He further suggested that reliable range in the 600-mile neighborhood could be possible in 2017.

That suggests that further range increases for Tesla's existing cars are likely on the horizon, even before the 200-plus-mile Model 3 launches.

That vehicle is projected to start deliveries by the end of this year.


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