Plug-in hybrid price guide: every 2017 model, with specs

The number of plug-in hybrid cars has expanded greatly over the past few years.

If you've had trouble keeping track of all of these new plug-in cars, fear not.

A couple of weeks ago, we gathered the relevant data for every battery-electric car on sale today, and presented it to you in one place.

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Now we've done the same for plug-in hybrids, which combine battery and engine power into a hybrid vehicle that can run more than a conventional hybrid's usual mile or so on electricity alone.

Every vehicle here shows the manufacturer's suggested retail price, plus any mandatory destination and handling fees.

The prices don't include any local or federal tax incentives or rebates—so many cars here may be available cheaper, for those eligible for specific credits or rebates.

Efficiency figures are rendered in Miles Per Gallon Equivalent, or MPGe, a measure of how far a car can travel electrically on the same amount of energy as contained in 1 gallon of gasoline.

2017 Audi A3 e-tron Sportback

2017 Audi A3 e-tron Sportback

2017 Audi A3 Sportback e-tron - $39,850

8.8 kwh battery, 16 miles (EPA), 83 MPGe, 75 kw motor (204 hp combined)

The long-awaited A3 e-tron is the first production Audi plug-in hybrid sold in the U.S. It's also the only way to get an A3 hatchback on this side of the Atlantic, and its restrained styling is perfect for those who don't want to attract too much attention to themselves.

2017 BMW 330e i Performance

2017 BMW 330e i Performance

2017 BMW 330e iPerformance - $44,795

7.6 kwh battery, 14 miles (EPA), 71 MPGe, 56 kw motor (248 hp combined)

The BMW 330e is a plug-in hybrid version of the German luxury automaker's best-selling 3-Series sedan. It's one of a growing number of BMW plug-in hybrids based on existing models that wear the "iPerformance" label, an effort to tie them to the i3 and i8 dedicated plug-in cars.

2017 BMW 740e xDrive i Performance

2017 BMW 740e xDrive i Performance

2017 BMW 740e xDrive iPerformance - $90,095

9.2 kwh battery, 14 miles (EPA), 64 MPGe, 82 kw motor (322 hp combined)

The 740e is based on BMW's 7-Series full-size luxury-sedan flagship. Despite its considerable size, it achieves an EPA-rated 14 miles of electric range. Like other 7-Series models, the 740e features a "Carbon Core" chassis that incorporates carbon fiber-reinforced plastic, aluminum, and high strength steel to cut weight.

2017 BMW i8

2017 BMW i8

2017 BMW i8 - $141,695

7.1 kwh battery, 15 miles (EPA), 76 MPGe, 96 kw motor (357 hp combined)

The BMW i8 is unlike virtually any other plug-in hybrid on sale today. It's a sexy, low-slung coupe with an emphasis on sporty driving. While it is an expensive and low-volume model, the i8 is likely beneficial to the image of green cars. A mid-cycle refresh of the i8 is expected sometime this year, with a convertible model following sometime after that.

2017 BMW X5

2017 BMW X5

2017 BMW X5 xDrive 40e - $63,095

9.0 kwh battery, 14 miles (EPA), 56 MPGe, 82 kw motor (308 hp combined)

BMW's plug-in hybrid SUV marks the beginning of a barrage of new plug-in models from the German luxury brands. The fifth plug-in vehicle from BMW, it competes in a growing segment that includes plug-in hybrid luxury SUVs from Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche.

2017 Chevrolet Volt

2017 Chevrolet Volt

2017 Chevrolet Volt - $34,095

18.4 kwh battery, 53 miles (EPA), 106 MPGe, 111 kw motor

In its second year following a major redesign, the Volt gains more available features but otherwise remains pretty much unchanged. Debuting as a 2016 model, the second-generation Volt features numerous improvements over its predecessor, including a larger, 18.4-kwh battery pack that affords a 53-mile electric range, as well as less-controversial styling.

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