The Formula E electric-car racing series is returning for a second season, and its FIA overseers are making some tweaks to the rules in the hopes of making the racing more exciting.

When the green flag drops at the season opener in Beijing October 24, the cars will have a bit more power.

As in the first season, Formula E sets limits on how much power can be deployed in qualifying, and during the actual race.

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Beginning this season, the power level for "race mode" will be raised from 150 kilowatts (202 horsepower) to 170 kW (227 hp), according to InsideEVs.

The rules for qualifying remain unchanged. Drivers will still be able to use their car's full 200-kW (270-hp) output.

"FanBoost"--a novel fan-interaction tactic introduced last season--will likely return as well.

Formula E Championship 2014 Beijing ePrix

Formula E Championship 2014 Beijing ePrix

This allows fans to give their favorite drivers a power boost by voting in a pre-race poll.

Drivers that earn FanBoost can have their car's power output temporarily increased to 180 kW (241 hp) for five seconds at a time.

Since the regular amount of power allowed during racing has been increased, that appears to be less of an advantage than it was last year.

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Drivers will also once again have to change cars mid-race, owing to their limited battery capacity.

And while all teams used identical cars last season, they will have some leeway to make modifications this year.

The FIA previously confirmed eight of the 10 teams will use powertrains of their own design.

Formula E Championship first official test day, Donington Park

Formula E Championship first official test day, Donington Park

Those teams are allowed to use their own designs for certain components, including motors, inverters, gearboxes, and cooling systems.

Teams will continue to use the same Spark-Renault SRT_01e chassis, with batteries supplied by Williams Advanced Engineering.

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One side effect of this is that while all of the cars may still look the same, they all sound different. Listen for yourself in the video above.

The 2015-2016 Formula E Championship gets underway later this month in Beijing.

There are 10 races planned, with a single U.S. event in Long Beach, California, April 2.


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