There are electric cars and electric motorcycles, but what we've got here fits somewhere in between.

Morgan is a century-old British automaker known for its purposely anachronistic sports cars, and a few years ago it decided to revive one of its oldest models--the 3 Wheeler.

Originally built to take advantage of a British tax loophole that allowed it to be classified as a motorcycle, the 3 Wheeler is now a novel toy for drivers who don't mind being exposed to the elements.

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For the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed, Morgan decided to build an electric version of this most unusual vehicle.

Called the EV3, it debuted at the British car event this past weekend as a concept.

The stock 3 Wheeler's front-mounted V-Twin motorcycle engine was replaced by a 60-horsepower rear-mounted electric motor.

Morgan EV3 electric 3 Wheeler prototype

Morgan EV3 electric 3 Wheeler prototype

That power is sent to the single rear wheel, just as in the internal-combustion model.

Morgan claims the EV3 weighs 450 kilograms (990 pounds) less than a stock 3 Wheeler, and can travel 150 miles on a single charge.

While Morgan is known for building cars nearly indistinguishable from the ones it made before World War II, it has more or less embraced the modern trend of electric cars,

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The EV3 is actually Morgan's second all-electric concept, after the Plus E that debuted at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

Based on the Morgan Plus 4 sports car, the Plus E featured a 160 hp electric motor and--interestingly for an electric car--a five-speed manual transmission.

The Plus E was intended as a concept, but Morgan entertained the idea of putting it on sale depending on customer interest.

Morgan EV3 electric 3 Wheeler prototype

Morgan EV3 electric 3 Wheeler prototype

It's unclear if there were any takers, but Morgan is showing a firmer commitment with the EV3.

Pending the completion of final testing and development, the company says it will put the EV3 into production "towards the end of 2016."

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Like Morgan's other models, it will be hand built in low volumes, with opportunities for individual buyers to customize their vehicles.

That may not be necessary, though. The EV3 will already be like nothing else on the road.


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