Certain 2012 through 2014 Toyota RAV4 EV electric cars will be recalled to address a flaw in the software of the vehicles' Tesla-supplied electric-motor assemblies.

The affected vehicles may spontaneously shift into neutral while in motion, resulting in a complete loss of motive power.

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Drivers may also see a "Check EV System" warning light illuminated on the dashboard if their vehicles are experiencing a problem.

The issue is the result of a software glitch in the Tesla-supplied powertrain component, Bloomberg reports.

2012 Toyota RAV4 EV

2012 Toyota RAV4 EV

While the two companies are now on opposite sides of the debate over hydrogen fuel-cell versus battery-electric cars, Toyota and Tesla collaborated on the RAV4 EV.

The program provided Toyota with a "compliance car" to meet California's zero-emission vehicle mandate, and Tesla with a source of income as it prepared to begin production of the Model S sedan.

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The recall affects every one of the 2,500 or so RAV4 EVs built over the vehicle's two-year production run.

In a statement, Toyota said it is not aware of any crashes, fatalities, or injuries caused by this condition.

2012 Toyota RAV4 EV

2012 Toyota RAV4 EV

Toyota dealers will correct the software issue free of charge, but the company hasn't set a date for the start of this recall.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has not issued a formal recall notice either, although there are several customer complaints of RAV4 EV electric cars spontaneously shifting into neutral logged on its Safercar.gov website.

RAV4 EV owners looking for more information can contact Toyota customer service at 1-800-331-4331.


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