It may not be as flashy as a Lamborghini or Rolls-Royce, but the Toyota Prius hybrid's popularity with celebrities is well known. It's as much a fixture of Hollywood as gossip and botox.

Celebrities looking to advertise their environmentalist principles flock to the Prius, but competitive hybrids and now plug-in electric cars have made the Toyota less remarkable over the years.

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Yet, judging from a list compiled by Ranker, there are still plenty of Prius-driving celebrities.

The list is "loosely ranked" based on fame and popularity, and names Jessica Alba as the most famous Prius owner.

2014 Toyota Prius V

2014 Toyota Prius V

Your definition of "most famous" may vary, but with a list of 40 noteworthy owners that also includes Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Aniston, it seems the Prius still has plenty of star power.

These famous owners are in good company, too.

Toyota has sold almost 4 million Prius models since the first-generation Prius went on sale in Japan in 1997, accounting for the majority of the 7 million hybrids the company has sold--more than any other carmaker.

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The Prius has also grown from a single model into a Prius "family" that includes the Liftback, a plug-in version of that vehicles, the subcompact Prius C hatchback, and the Prius V tall wagon.

However, just like the celebrities who drive it, a continued presence in the spotlight isn't assured for the Prius.

The world's first hybrid model became the celebrity green-car of choice when there were relatively few hybrids to choose from; the arrival of plug-in electric cars--along with more hybrids--has created more competition in recent years.

2014 Toyota Prius C

2014 Toyota Prius C

Still, Toyota remains comfortably on top of the hybrid market, and plans to retain that position with the fourth-generation 2016 Prius.

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Expected to appear sometime over the next year, the new Prius is said to be sportier and more stylish than before, and is expected to offer two battery packs, one delivering a combined rating of 55 mpg and the other a 60 mpg rating.

Will that be enough to keep the rich and famous satisfied, or will they trade in their Prius hybrids for something from the competition?


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