Tesla Motors' steadily-growing network of Supercharger DC fast-charging stations for its electric cars recently hit a significant milestone.

The Silicon Valley carmaker recently announced that its 200th Supercharger site is now open, in Oxnard, California--about 35 miles northwest of Los Angeles.

The new station is located at The Collection at RiverPark mall off Interstate 101, near its merger with California Route 1. It has 10 charging stalls and is open 24 hours a day.

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The 200th Supercharger station is also the 114th in the U.S. Tesla has 66 operating stations in Europe as well, plus 23 in Asia.

The fact that only about 60 percent of Supercharger stations are located in the U.S. shows Tesla's interest in other markets, as well as the need to develop charging infrastructure to make electric cars more attractive in those markets.

Tesla Motors Supercharger station in Oxnard, California.

Tesla Motors Supercharger station in Oxnard, California.

Tesla currently has 17 stations in Germany, 13 stations in Norway--where the Model S has sold extremely well due to strong government incentives--and 11 stations in France.

There are also Supercharger stations in nine other European countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England, Italy, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Sweden, and Switzerland.

These European stations account for much of the recent Supercharger expansion. Back in April, when the 100th Supercharger station opened, there were just 14 stations in Europe, along with 86 in the U.S.

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In addition, there are currently 19 operating stations in China, plus two each in Hong Kong and Japan.

That could be the beginning of a massive effort to grow the charging infrastructure in Asia.

Tesla considers the Chinese market to be very important, and is reportedly working with mobile communications carrier China Unicom to build 400 charging stations in 120 Chinese cities.


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