Fisker announced Friday that they've chosen GM's turbocharged 2.0 liter, 4-cylinder Ecotec engine to extend the range of their plug-in hybrid performance sedan. The Fisker Karma has an electric-only range of 50 miles. After that, the Ecotec will kick in to generate more electricity.

This is the same power plant used in entry level GM sports cars like the Pontiac Solstice GXP, the Saturn Sky Redline and the Chevy Cobalt SS. "Given General Motors global leadership in the parts and accessories space, the fact that it is already engineering parts for extended range electric vehicles, and its commitment to helping the environment, it was clear that this was the right partner for us," said Fisker Automotive, Inc. CEO Henrik Fisker. "We are confident that this is the beginning of an important partnership between GM and Fisker Automotive in developing the most desirable fuel efficient vehicles of the future."

Short-sighted dependence on SUV and truck sales aside, here's hoping Fisker is right. This GM engine is  remarkably quick and fuel efficient and might even be sufficient to power the Karma by itself. It's the type of thing The General needs more of before it's too late.

Source: PR News Wire, Fisker Automotive Image: Saturn