Ask Honda fans what's wrong with the CR-Z hybrid coupe, and they'll give you one of two answers.

Those who seek economy will tell you it's not frugal enough. Those after performance will tell you it isn't fast enough.

Fixing the former probably requires a little too much work for most, but thanks to HPD Street Performance you can at least give the CR-Z some of the pep it's always lacked.

HPD stands for Honda Performance Development, and central to the new raft of options is a supercharger kit that lifts power from the stock 130 hp to 197 horses.

To ensure it's up to the rigors of road use, the package also includes an HPD air-to-air intercooler, high-flow fuel injectors, an ECU calibrated to meet CARB AT-PZEV regulations (on 91 octane fuel) and an HPD air filter system.

Buyers can also specify HPD modifications like sports shocks, uprated and lowered springs, large-diameter brake rotors and specially-designed 18-inch alloy wheels with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. For further performance potential, there's a limited-slip differential and uprated clutch on the options list too.

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Then there are the visual tweaks, including emblem and decal kits, front and rear spoilers and a rear diffuser, while a sports exhaust beefs up the CR-Z's aural qualities.

It's hard to imagine any of this is particularly great for economy, though it's easier to accept if you consider the HPD-tuned CR-Z as a fun car that happens to return decent gas mileage, rather than a hybrid whose economical qualities are diminished by modifications.

For the supercharger kit and its ancillary parts alone, Honda and HPD quote a recommended retail price of $5,495.

That sounds steep, but it's equivalent to similar aftermarket packages and retains the balance of customer's 5 year/ 60,000 mile Honda limited powertrain warranty, more than can be said for most aftermarket conversions.

The Honda Performance Development modifications for the CR-Z are now on sale at your local Honda dealer.


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