It appears that celebrity musician and promoter Jay Z has added an electric car to his stable of luxury rides.

At least, that's the so-far-unconfirmed inference from a photo posted in late April to his wife Beyonce's website.

The only reason we're running this two-month-old photo--aside from curiosity about whether Jay Z actually owns the "murdered out" black Tesla or is just admiring it--is because we're now officially in the slow part of the summer news cycle.

We're inclined to agree with Complex, though, which said: "Although we can't officially confirm it's his, we doubt he'd stunt with a car he doesn't own."

Jay Z would hardly be the first celeb to own a Model S, though we suspect the chrome-plated Fisker Karma driven by Justin Bieber (two years ago, pre-meltdown) may still be better-known.

But if any Tesla customers (or anyone else) has confirmation that JayZ actually owns this customized Model S, let us know.

Meanwhile, we should probably explain the term "murdered out" for readers unfamiliar with the usage.

A vehicle that is murdered out has "both black paint and black aftermarket wheels," according to Urban Dictionary.

"The window tint should also be really dark, and other aftermarket accessories such as black taillight covers etc. should aid in blacking out the ride."

And there you have it.


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