As any electric car owner will know, there are still some surprising misconceptions about electric cars out there.

One Tesla employee, annoyed at being asked the same questions over and over about electric cars--with the occasional ludicrous question thrown in--has created a coloring book about electric cars.

It's a collaborative project between Tesla employee Ayumi Kim and her friend (and illustrator) Sarah W-R.

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According to Grist, the pair launched a Kickstarter project to fund the book, entitled "An Unpretentious Guide and Coloring Book to Electric Vehicles" and a $15 donation will get you a copy.

The book answers pressing questions like "what do I do if I hit a wombat?" and "can I plug my chainsaw into the cigarette lighter?"--unbelievably, two questions Kim has actually been asked by potential customers.

Best of all, however, is the person who asked whether you can plug the car into itself to charge. We can hear their high school physics teacher facepalming from here.

Now admittedly, the average driver uneducated on the subject of electric cars is unlikely to be interested in a coloring book.

And the average coloring book enthusiast--average age in single figures, we're guessing--probably isn't going to be a big customer for electric vehicles for a while. Unless they have "Tamiya" written on the box.

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But when it comes to educating the next generation, the book could be ideal. And we all know the pressure and influence kids can exert on their parents.

If Mom and Dad saying something ridiculous about EVs, you can be sure they'll be swiftly (and loudly, and constantly) corrected. Read the coloring book, mommy! It says so right here!

As of today the pair have raised just over $1,100 of their $3,500 Kickstarter goal, which needs to be reached by March 21. Check out the Kickstarter video below:

[Hat tip: Wendy Hughes-Jelen]


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