Make no mistake, the market for electric cars might be growing slowly, but it's still growing, and it seems like almost every day there's a new car to buy or concept on the horizon.

It's getting easier to charge your electric car while out and about too, as charging points spring up across the land.

This is easiest to see in Recargo's excellent infographic, which tracks the progress of electric charging from January 2011 through May 2013.

Even in such a short space of time, the number of public chargers has grown by ten times, increasing from 1,972 to 20,138--and that number is climbing further still. California still leads the way but it's fascinating to see how chargers have spread throughout the rest of the country, making electric car ownership ever more practical as they do so.

The number of EVs has also grown rapidly, and while even the most ardent fan will admit that the numbers are still miniscule compared to national vehicle sales, the proportional increase is impressive.

The first full year of data, 2011, shows combined plug-in hybrid and electric car sales of nearly 18,000 units. Fast-forward to 2013, and the number of plug-ins on US roads is expected to top 100,000--testament to how many vehicles are now available, as well as the increasing popularity of plug-in cars.

Have a look through the full infographic to see the rest of the data. It's a fascinating snapshot of how things are right now--and how quickly they're likely to increase over the next few years.

The Rise of Electric Car Charging infographic - Recargo, PlugShare and

The Rise of Electric Car Charging infographic - Recargo, PlugShare and


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