German automaker Audi might command the most real estate at the Le Mans 24 Hour race in France each year, but in 2013 Nissan's off-track presence certainly wasn't far behind.

Promoting its NISMO motorsport brand, Nissan also reserved a space for its 2015 Le Mans challenger--the electric ZEOD race car.

Even as a static model the ZEOD was eye-catching, but the company has now revealed the full working vehicle, set to storm Le Mans next year with a powertrain unlike that of any other vehicle competing.

Similar at a glance to the display concept, the ZEOD revealed yesterday in Yokohama is clearly the real deal under closer inspection. It has the obligatory headlights for one, multiple bright LED units vital for signaling your presence at triple-figure speeds. Distinctive LED running lights also adorn the car, while the side pods now contain intakes to draw in air for various parts of the car's propulsion system.

Nissan has now made it clearer exactly what will power the ZEOD.

Electric power will--naturally--be the big draw, but like the Deltawing racecar from which it has grown, a 1.6-liter turbocharged gasoline unit will serve as part of a hybrid drivetrain.

Drivers can switch between the two says Autocar, making it a legitimate electric car for up to one lap at a time--though this will take place every eleven laps of the 8.47-mile circuit, enough time for 55 'brake events' to recharge the car's battery pack.

Performance won't be diminished under electric running either. The car's designer, Ben Bowlby, suggests it will hit its 186 mph top speed on electric power and in near-silence.

Nissan announced in August that gamer-turned-racer Lucas Ordóñez would be responsible for developing the high-tech racer on track. He'll be joined by fellow Nissan Le Mans ace (and Nissan Leaf owner) Michael Krumm.


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