There it is, parked right in the space reserved for electric-car charging: a Hyundai Tucson.

Which runs solely on gasoline.

But wait! There's a badge on the back.

Right under the silver Hyundai letters, it says, "all electric." Wow.

Is this a prototype test car? Or an unpublicized plug-electric car slipped quietly into the market by an enterprising Korean maker eager to avoid the fuss of promotion?

Errrrrrr, no.

It's got nothing to do with actual electric cars--as indicated by the exhaust pipe just under the bumper.

It's actually the name of a Hyundai dealer in the West Midlands, U.K.: All Electric Garages, of Kidderminster, Worcs.

The photo, taken on July 2 by contributor Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, shows a Hyundai ix35 (the European model we know as the Tucson) that carries the dealer's badge.

It was parked in a labeled "electric car" spot at Welcome Break Motorway Services in Oxford, which offers fast charging for Nissan Leafs and other CHAdeMO-capable electric cars.

The Hyundai owner apparently feels it's safe to occupy a reserved parking spot he or she isn't entitled to--assuming that a parking warden who doesn't know every plug-in model on the market will be confused enough to let it slide.

Luckily, he hadn't blocked the fast-charging station, and Nikki could recharge and get on her way.

But the same car was still parked there almost an hour later.

Classy, eh?

What's the worst example of "being ICEd" you've seen?

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