Few automakers have built a buzz around their products like Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA].

Like many other electric cars, Roadster and Model S owners and fans are a tight-knit community too, and a two-day users conference in July will bring even more owners together.

Called Teslive, Silicon Beat describes it as being along the lines of the Macworld expo, a conference for all things Apple.

Teslive is hosted by the Tesla Motors Club, while Tesla Motors itself will support the event. Planned for two days from Friday July 12th, the show will take over the Crowne Plaza San Jose in Silicon Valley, with exhibits and a network reception.

Saturday activities include breakout sessions and a Tesla Motors-sponsored party at the Fremont factory where Model S sedans are built, while Sunday will play host to a convoy of Roadsters and Model S in the Woodside hills.

It should be a great opportunity for owners to swap hints and tips on their cars, share stories and even learn about future products and services from the company.

The event is limited to only 300 attendees, but organizers hope it will become an annual event, growing in scope and size each year--and with Tesla's user base increasing all the time, there's no doubt it'll grow in popularity too.

If you're a Tesla Motors Club member the chances are you've already heard of the event, but those wishing to know more or register for the event can head over to the Teslive page.


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