There aren't many automakers left that don't offer some form of hybrid in their lineup, but Japanese firm Subaru can count themselves among the "have nots".

Subaru is best-known for its all-wheel drive systems rather than fuel efficiency, but since 2011's hybrid Advanced Tourer Concept, we've known there was something in the works.

Now, sources suggest the first hybrid Subaru could debut soon, potentially at the end of March, during the New York Auto Show.

It still isn't clear what hybrid system Subaru is going to use.

Mild hybrids have been suggested, with a system not dissimilar from that used by Honda in its Integrated Motor Assist setup. The 2011 Subaru Advanced Tourer concept used such a setup, with an electric motor mounted between a 2.0-liter flat-four gasoline engine, and a continuously-variable transmission.

A full hybrid has also been suggested, similar to that used by technology partner Toyota--but a mild hybrid system is looking more likely. This also means the car probably won't feature an electric-only mode--but it should at least help raise Subaru's fuel efficiency ratings.

Autoblog suggests the car could debut as soon as the New York Auto Show, and the model should eventually hit U.S. soil.

Mild hybrid or otherwise, an all-wheel drive Subaru hybrid should at least give those in Snow Belt states an extra option for winter-ready gas-sippers.


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