It’s not quite the production version of the new NSX that we were hoping for, but the updated concept car presented at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show today does give us a much better idea as to what the production version, due sometime in the next couple of years, will be like.

We can clearly see that many of the sharp edges on the previous concept, also unveiled in Detroit, have been made smoother, presumably for improved aerodynamics. A new diffuser and tweaks to the bumpers are also present.

Not only has the exterior been revised but this latest concept also shows us the interior Acura is planning for its second-generation NSX supercar.

Lightweight materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum abound, while plush leathers and other soft-touch materials are presented too.

We can also see that Acura will be going with push-button control for the transmission, while a touch-screen interface allows a clutter-free design for the rest of the dash. No doubt those display screens will provide drivers with how much fuel they’re saving, battery charge and other details concerning the NSX's complex three-motor hybrid system.

That’s right; the new NSX will combine three electric motors with a gasoline V-6 in a ‘through-the-road’ hybrid system Acura likes to call Sport Hybrid SH-AWD. Two of the electric motors power the front wheels independently and a third, integrated with the transmission and V-6, powers the rear wheels. A lithium-ion battery is used to power all three electric motors and is topped up by regenerative brakes.

Acura says the setup will allow multiple driving modes, including electric- or gas-only modes, plus a hybrid mode calling on both electric and gas power and offering all-wheel drive capability. It will also allow for bilateral torque adjustment, where the amount of power going to each wheel can be adjusted to help improve traction.

Unlike the original NSX, which was built in Japan, development and eventual production of the new car is taking place in Ohio.

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