Honda has unveiled its new 2013 Civic Sedan, which is set to debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show later this month.

A new Civic may not be exciting, but as one of Honda's top-selling models it's certainly important, and one of the better-known gas-sippers on the market.

Honda has revised the 2013 car's styling to make it "more youthful", throwing in a "premium" for good measure.

A glance at the initial images shows that it certainly looks like a higher-quality product than the existing car. A black honeycomb mesh grille with chrome surround glitzes up the front facia, while a deeper front bumper grille and integrated fog lamps add to a sportier look.

The hood has also been reprofiled, while a range of new alloy wheel designs differentiates it from the previous car.

At the back, a new bumper with diffuser element, horizontal chrome trim and 'jewel-like' rear clusters complement the changes at the front.

2013 Honda Civic

2013 Honda Civic

Honda also promises that the interior has gained a host of safety, comfort, styling and feature enhancements. We hope that means it's ditched the hard, poor-quality plastics of the current car, and the unsightly vertical seam on the dashboard.

Honda hasn't confirmed whether any engine changes will feature, though you can expect the facelifted model to carry on with the existing units--including the 44 mpg all-round hybrid model.

The updated 2013 Civic will debut at the L.A. Auto Show on November 29.


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