They’re large, hardly pretty, and serve just one function, but Nissan Australia has managed to turn the humble gas pump into art in order to promote its all-electric 2012 Leaf.

Unlike its U.S. ad from last year, which asked us to imagine a world where everything was powered by gasoline, Nissan’s Antipodean ad takes the opposite approach, asking a very simple question:

Without gasoline-powered cars, what would we do with all the abandoned gas pumps? 

One answer? Turn them into pieces of art. 

To celebrate the official sales launch of the Leaf in Australia, Nissan commissioned an art installation in Sydney, containing 37 former gas pumps -- or Bowsers, as Australians like to call them. 

Then, it filmed members of the public walking through the open exhibition, touching, interacting and marveling at the creations. 

Rather than list them all here, we recommend you watch the video above, but a few of our favorites include a gas-pump jukebox, popcorn dispenser, guitar amplifier and video arcade. 

Interestingly, Nissan didn’t choose to turn one of the disused gas pumps into a recharging station.  Although we’ve heard of a few gas pumps that have become recharging stations, perhaps Nissan thought doing so wouldn’t send the right message.

While it’s fun to watch, we’re a little disappointed that the 2012 Leaf hardly features in its own ad, only making an appearance at the end long enough for a caption that explains the Leaf is “100% electric. Zero petrol.”

Frustratingly missing, is details of the Leaf's all-electric range, features, price or even ordering information. 

Which leaves us with two questions.

Firstly, how would you advertise an electric car like the 2012 Nissan Leaf -- and would you use similar or different methods to Nissan's ad specialists?

Secondly, what would you turn old gas pumps into in a world where everyone drove an electric car? 

Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below.


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