Once a speed freak, always a speed freak: That's the tale behind Mate Rimac, creator of the Rimac Concept_One electric supercar.

The striking supercar appeared from nowhere to us, but Rimac himself had prior experience with fast EVs--a BMW 3-Series known as 'Green Monster' (via Gizmag).

The 'Green' bit is obvious--it's an electric car for starters, and the color is fairly self-explanatory too.

'Monster' is down to what powers the E30 BMW: A 600-horsepower, 664 lbs-ft electric motor.

Performance is literally electric--60 mph zips by in only 3.3 seconds, which is enough to out-point most current supercars, and top speed is a highly respectable 174 mph.

Range hasn't been forgotten either, as the 'Monster will manage 112 miles on a charge. Probably not at 174 mph, though.

However, the Green Monster doesn't quite manage Rimac's claim that it's the fastest-accelerating electric car, as we can remember another which lays claim to that title--White Zombie.

You guessed it, White Zombie is white. It's not a zombie though. Instead, it's a 1972 Datsun 1200 Coupe, with the '1200' bit removed and a Hi Torque Electric motor installed in its place.

On lithium-ion batteries, the car has done a 10.258-second quarter mile at 123.79 mph--around 1.6 seconds quicker than Green Monster's 11.808-second best.

That said, Green Monster has still set records for its class, and Rimac has an ace up his sleeve--the Concept_One supercar, with over 1,000 horsepower, is set to destroy them both very soon...


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