It's no surprise that California is becoming the heart of electric car ownership.

Its weather, state incentives and even public attitudes make for an ideal environment in which to run an EV, and a healthy network of charging stations ensures that drivers can even tackle occasional longer trips.

Many drivers have already embarked upon electric car road trips through the state, but some routes are more conducive to easy charging than others.

BMW ActiveE driver Jack Brown has set himself the target of making it from the Bay Area to LA in a day, taking 'El Camino Real'--the Royal Highway.

The 600-mile route dates back to the California Mission system, between San Jose and Los Angeles. For an electric car owner however, it has one stumbling block--a hilly, 109-mile section between Salinas and Atascadero that brings those in 100-mile range EVs out in a cold sweat...

Luckily, King City could be just the ticket for electric car owners attempting a similar trip.

The Ciudad del Rey Motel and Trailer Park, located at King City, describes itself as "EV friendly" and offers chargers.

Unfortunately they aren't free--a charge costs $25--and you'd need to make your journey between 6AM and 8PM when the site is open.  But if you're doing a long journey and have nowhere else to charge, it may be just the location you need to extend your trip.

As for Jack Brown and his ActiveE, his night-time pass precludes a stop at the RV park, so he's taking a quick detour--but for other electric car owners in California, it's always useful to know a couple of hidden charging locations...


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