Every so often we like to feature older electric cars, as well as those you can buy new from the dealer.

That means scouring eBay for items of interest, and it's often surprising to see what vehicles people have stored away.

This time, we've found three 1976 CitiCar electric vehicles for sale. Only, these ones need a little more work than your average purchase.

In fact, each needs complete restoration, with varying levels of work required. The yellow vehicle looks in the best condition, with the red one a little worse off and the final one without its body, which the owner took off to make a mold.

None run, but thanks to the simplicity of the cars the owner writes that getting hold of parts shouldn't be too difficult--many are from golf carts. None have titles either, so prospective purchasers would have to sort that out.

Citicars were originally produced in Florida, between 1974 and 1977. Just under 4,500 of all CitiCar variants were made during the period, and included vehicles like the Comuta-Car, CitiVan and Comuta-Van.

None were particularly powerful, with even late models only having 6 horsepower at their disposal. Top speed is under 40 mph, effectively making them neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs). Range from the lead-acid batteries was around 40 miles.

Interested in owning three pieces of American electric car history--and like a challenge? The auction runs until 9:44am PDT on September 9.


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