If there's one thing to be said for the relatively steady uptake on electric cars, it's that there's a friendly, tight-knit community of electric car owners ever-ready to hand out advice.

Whatever you want to know about owning or driving an EV, it's never difficult to find someone who can help out.

This even goes as far as charging, and Seattle-based Nissan Leaf owner Brad Gibson has made a handy video on easy quick-charger use.

Brad notes that it's not unknown for electric car drivers to find a quick charger has been damaged, perhaps through improper use, and his video provides some simple step-by-step instructions on how to use the CHAdeMO cord.

Sure, it sounds--and is--a simple process, but everyone has to start somewhere.

If it even helps just one more EV owner to use the equipment properly, then it's served a purpose. Thanks Brad!

For more tips on avoiding quick charging pitfalls, Tom and Cathy Saxton have a similarly helpful guide on their website.


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