Hawaii is already a pretty good place to drive an electric car, and not just so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery in electric-powered silence.

Islands are ideal places to own electric cars, where distances are shorter and gas prices are higher. And Oahu is set to become even better, as fast-charging stations are installed at gas stations across the island.

Charged reports that gas station operator Aloha Petroleum has installed AeroVironment fast-charge points at three of its stores on the island.

As part of the Hawaii EV Ready Grant Program, the three chargers will be the first of 200 stations at 80 locations across the state.

It's all part of serving the steadily-increasing number of electric cars in Hawaii--but also a clever business move by Aloha.

"As our customers’ driving habits evolve, we’re proud to provide innovative, clean and reliable ways to fuel their vehicles, whether it’s gas-powered or electric" said Aloha CEO, Richard Parry.

Charging takes 30 minutes, and will be free--for the time being, at least.

He raises an interesting point, though. With a network of stations and convenience stores--a situation relevant to other gas station companies, too--it makes a lot of sense having fast-chargers at every gas station.

The infrastructure is already there, for a start, which means new stations wouldn't need to be built specifically for electric travelers. There's also a sense of familiarity for EV drivers, who may well have filled up their previous car at the same station for years.

For those who don't own electric cars, it's also a high-profile way of reassuring them that they'd be able to charge their vehicles away from home, should they buy an electric car in the future.

Finally, there's the convenience factor. With a convenience store or coffee shop located nearby, the thirty-minute fast charge will certainly pass a lot quicker.

So the humble gas station: a useful second home for EVs. Who'da thought?


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