It's another Monday morning, and there's nothing like a positive start to the week.

Unfortunately, this is nothing like a positive start to the week. In fact, when we started reading a thread on U.K. car enthusiast forum Retro Rides, it made us rather angry.

If you read our piece last year on a rare 1982 Lucas-Reliant hybrid concept car, the thread will make you angry too. What other emotion sums up seeing that same, one-of-a-kind piece of hybrid history now sitting vandalized on an industrial estate?

Anger is definitely that emotion, but sadness too. Not just for what people can inflict upon such a rare and unusual vehicle, but also that it ever got to that stage in the first place.

According to posters on the forum, the car never sold in the eBay auction last year, and it appears the seller simply lost interest in the vehicle and left it unattended.

Had the vehicle been stored in a garage this wouldn't have been a problem, but left to the mercy of the elements and unscrupulous individuals, the pristine concept is now in a poor state.

Damage has been inflicted on the vehicle, some components, switches and wires have been removed--with little regard to the bodywork, it seems--and light fittings have been smashed.

From the images on the site, it does still look repairable, but every day the car sits outside and unloved, the chances of it surviving long enough to be restored get slimmer.

The forum is up in arms about the vehicle's treatment, and some on the site are trying to save it. If you're reading this, maybe you can too, and help put an historic part of green transport's history back on the roads.


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