It officially ended production last year, but the iconic Tesla Roadster is still being developed and tweaked thanks to a few enterprising Tesla owners and fans. 

The latest must-have for any Tesla Roadster? A small adaptor that allows Tesla Roadster owners to charge their cars at any public J-1772 charging station, despite having a car with a mechanically incompatible charging socket.

Called The CAN, the tiny adaptor has been developed by Henry Sharp, a Tesla Roadster owner from Vermont. 

About the size of a soda drinks can, one side plugs into the proprietary charging socket on the Tesla Roadster, while the other offers a J-1772 inlet that can be used with any Level 2 charging station. 

Luckily, while the Tesla Roadster’s charge port is a physically incompatible with J-1772 charging stations, it is electrically compatible, reducing the adaptor’s complexity.

Tesla Roadster To J-1772 Adaptor

Tesla Roadster To J-1772 Adaptor

To ensure no-one steals the tiny 6.6-inch long adaptor, Sharp has designed it with a small hole that allows the user to lock the adaptor onto their car. 

At $695, it isn’t exactly cheap, but the third-party device is cheaper than Tesla’s own, much larger,  J-1772 mobile connector by $75. 

Because the Tesla Roadster has such a small trunk however, the new lockable adaptor has already gained itself a significant fan base among Tesla owners unwilling to lug the $750, 4-foot official adaptor from Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] around just so they can charge. 

With other third-party add-on solutions like the Open Vehicle Monitoring System, Tesla enthusiasts continue to ensure that the Tesla Roadster remains up-to-date with electric car technology. 

It also makes the Tesla Roadster one of the most frequently modified electric cars on the market today. 


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