If there's one comment we see more than any other from drivers of electric cars, it's the one about driving past gas stations with a smile, knowing they aren't using a drop.

Maybe they'd get even more of a smile by driving in and filming the result--as that's exactly what Nissan has done during a sustainable development conference in Rio.

For those tasked with filling up your car with gas, an electric car proves a little tricky.

First, there's no filler cap on either side, which leaves them scratching their heads. Next, they discover a flap at the front... but with only charging points inside, where does the fuel nozzle go? Under the hood? In the trunk?...

Had they heard the car approach they might have figured out Nissan's intentions a little sooner, saving them the embarrassment. It's easy to assume the stunt may have been staged... but given the looks of pure puzzlement, we're not so sure.

Still, if you own a Leaf and you're a little bored one day, why not try it out yourself and let us know what happens!


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