You wash your Prius every week, give it regular oil changes, and always drive it for maximum efficiency.

Then some imbecile T-bones you at a junction, and your pride and joy is ruined. What do you do?

Normally, you might get it all repaired through the usual channels--insurance, bodyshops and the like. If you're feeling resourceful though, you might be tempted to concoct a sleek new rear door from plastic sheeting and cardboard, to integrate seamlessly and ecologically with the rest of your car.

That's what the owner of one Prius has clearly done, as found on Actually, we're not so sure that it's seamless, but it's certainly a powerful example of recycling. There'll be some extra airflow through it too, reducing your air conditioning use. If only it didn't flap deafeningly at speed.

'Fixing' a Toyota Prius Hybrid [Image:]

'Fixing' a Toyota Prius Hybrid [Image:]

No matter, as there are more permanent options for the talented Prius-owning craftsman.

Like a wooden tailgate (also on, complete with wooden tail-light surrounds, a wooden rear bumper and a stylish wooden trim line that adorns the rear doors. Wood is certainly greener than metal, though we wonder how it might affect the Prius's legendary aerodynamics. Or quite how often the driver has acquired splinters when trying to load items into the trunk.

'Fixing' a Toyota Prius Hybrid [Image:]

'Fixing' a Toyota Prius Hybrid [Image:]

But why stop there? With wood, the possibilities are near-endless.

You could extend the tailgate further (thanks again,, making it look like one of your nearest and dearest is recently deceased and you couldn't afford a proper hearse. Even if your cargo isn't dead, the rear suspension appears to be close to death with all that extra carpentry above it.

There are two morals to this story. One: Toyota knows best when it comes to bodywork. And two: You really can be just a little too green.

[Hat tip to Rick Feibusch]

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