If you've ever climbed into a car and struggled to find a place to put that one item you like to carry around, then Tesla might have the solution for you.

Tesla Motors has announced details of its 'Opportunity Console', a new concept for the console between the front seats that will allow owners to specify the cubby holes and compartments they want.

Whether you want to carry a rucksack or a pocketful of change, Tesla should have the insert or element you need to make the car fit your needs. The company aims to display prototypes of some of the elements this weekend, on one of its Get Amped Tour stops.

Though the elements aren't yet for sale, Tesla will listen to feedback to develop or enhance the Opportunity Console, so if you're looking into buying a Model S, you might like to make your thoughts known at the event in Fremont, California, or on the Tesla forum.

For those who aren't bothered about carrying around assorted items, Tesla will still offer the Model S with a large, usable space between the seats for larger items--sure to make it one of the most practical cars in the luxury sedan class.

Tesla has also released the latest installment of its Inside Tesla series, covering final assembly at the plant--you can watch the video above.

There are now fewer than three days to go before Model S deliveries begin, scheduled for Friday, June 22 at 3:30 pm PST--we're sure the first owners won't get much sleep over the next few days...


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