This morning we told you about Tesla investor Steve Jurvetson, who, alongside Tesla CEO Elon Musk, became the first two official owners of a 2012 Tesla Model S. 

Up to this point, Tesla has been particularly guarded about giving test-drives of its all-electric sedan, with the only experiences to date being short passenger rides to the lucky few. 

Now Tesla has announced it will be offering 5,000 real test-drives to 2012 Model S reservation holders  starting the day after the car’s official launch. 

“In order to test drive on public streets, Model S needed to be fully homologated, tested and approved by several government agencies,” wrote Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Ownership Experience at Tesla Motors on the firm’s website. “We have now successfully passed all of these tests and Model S is officially street legal.”

In order to offer as many test drives to as many people as possible, Tesla has planned a test-drive tour, holding events in California, Colorado, Washington State, Washington D.C., Arizona, Florida, Oregon, New York, and Ontario, Canada. 

Called the Get Amped Model S Tour, it will take a planned 45-days to give an estimated 5,000 test drives and kicks off from Tesla’s Fremont factory in California, where the 2012 Model S is made, on June 23. 

At the moment, Tesla is prioritizing test-drive opportunities to 2012 Model S reservation holders, with email invites to sign up for a time slot only being sent out in order of reservation sequence until all slots are filled. 

For those who haven’t put down a deposit yet, Tesla plans to then offer Model S test drives at its Tesla stores round the world as soon as possible after the end of the Get Amped Tour. 

That leaves us a little sad, because it means anyone who hasn't already committed to spending money on the 2012 Tesla Model S won't get a chance to drive it. 

And that's against the traditional idea of a test-drive. After all, most people do prefer to get a test-drive before they commit to buying, right? 


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