For readers of GreenCarReports every month is Fuel Efficiency Month, but Korean automaker Hyundai is now petitioning to make August the official "National Fuel Efficiency Month".

"There's a day, week or month for just about everything else, so we feel the time is right for a national Fuel Efficiency Month to help shine a spotlight on the ecological and economic benefits here" explained John Krafcik, president and CEO of Hyundai Motor America.

He's right y'know, and Hyundai is leading the charge to inspire consumers into reducing their fuel use. I'mprovements will come from fuel-efficient driving skills, raising awareness of routine maintenance and presumably, buying more Hyundais.

With four vehicles in the range achieving 40 mpg highway (the Accent, Veloster, Sonata Hybrid and Elantra) and a distinct lack of gas-guzzlers, Hyundai can actually lay claim to having the highest average fuel economy and lowest CO2 of any manufacturer in the U.S. It even sold more 40 mpg vehicles than Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Ford and Chevrolet combined last year.

Hyundai's campaign is kicking off today--World Environment Day--with simultaneous events in New York, Austin, Chicago and Las Vegas. Consumers can learn about efficient driving, and the benefits of driving greener vehicles.

The company is even encouraging you to sign its petition, the results of which will be sent to Washington to further the cause of efficient driving. The petition needs 25,000 signatures by July 4 to be put forward.

Okay, so there's an element of "let's all buy Hyundais!" about the campaign, but we commend any manufacturer wanting to step forward and raise awareness of green driving--and perhaps some other companies will step on board too.

You can keep updated on the progress of National Fuel Efficiency Month by visiting Hyundai's Facebook page.


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