Pretty young women in tight black dresses, 5-inch heels, and sunglasses are too rarely associated with the less glamorous topic of DC fast-charging stations for electric cars.

And that's a shame.

To rectify this tragic oversight, Andromeda Power has put out a promotional video for its Orca Mobile 50-kilowatt DC quick charger that combines both into 2 minutes of easy-to-follow dramatic exposition.

The gripping narrative begins with the nameless young woman pulling her Leaf into the parking lot of an anonymous suburban office park.

We compliment her on being sufficiently secure to drive a car with a vivid white-and-green paint job that has Costa Mesa Nissan's contact information painted on the driver's door.

Not everyone is as generous to their car dealer as the kind-hearted (and clearly green) young woman.

But presumably the car has an all-but-depleted battery. What, oh what, will she do?

Desperate, she asks for help inside the equally nameless business behind the glass doors. (Might it be Andromeda, as shown on a canvas sign strapped to the parking lot fence?)

Voila! The business just happens to have an Andromeda Orca charging station, which a rather less videogenic gent in a blue polo shirt and a grey hoodie wheels out for her.

And luckily, there just happens to be a 100-Amp, 480-Volt AC 3-phase power cable lying coiled in the bushes out front.

Equally luckily--except perhaps for small suburban rodents--that cable is live.

We won't spoil the rest of the story. You can watch the video above, which comes complete with decidedly cheesy synthesizer music.

The gent who sent this to us also points out that the screen around the video's 0:70 mark shows a charge of 0 to 100 percent in 25 minutes. And that the state of charge is shown at 98 percent just 25 minutes later.

That's, errrrrrr, rather unlikely, since DC quick charging only fills the first 80 percent of a lithium-ion pack within half an hour. The remaining 20 percent takes that long or even longer.

Andromeda portable DC fast charger for electric cars (promotional video screen capture)

Andromeda portable DC fast charger for electric cars (promotional video screen capture)

Still, we were willing to put up with a bit of poetic license for the sake of the inherent and gripping drama.

Please note: This in no way is meant to imply that young women in tight dresses and high heels don't drive electric cars. We suspect that many of them do--and most are resourceful enough to pay attention to the remaining battery range.

Of course, there's absolutely no reason they shouldn't ask for help any place that may happen to have a small, portable DC fast-charging station, along with the appropriate power cord hidden in the shrubbery.

We rather suspect that these women may get a better reception under those circumstances than the rest of us schlubs who drive plug-in cars. More power to 'em.

So to speak.


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