Things aren’t easy for boutique automaker Fisker these days. First, a Karma  manufacturing defect prompted a battery-related recall, which was quickly followed by a second recall for software issues.

That second Karma recall prompted an apology to owners from Henrik Fisker himself, and then things seemed to quiet down a bit.

Until, that is, Consumer Reports experienced problems with its just-purchased Karma, which proved unable to make it though the magazine’s check-in process. Suddenly, critics were saying that the Karma was rushed to market long before it was ready for release.

Fisker knows that it’s already gotten a tarnished reputation for quality, so it’s taking steps to correct that. In a recent presentation, Fisker offered up a slide entitled “Moving Forward,” displayed above.

Fisker is providing Karma owners with roadside assistance, American-based call centers staffed 24/7 and a 60 month, 60,000 mile vehicle warranty.

In addition, it’s creating a 50-member “SWAT Team” to address quality issues, and promises to conduct aggressive reliability and durability testing.

Fisker is also committed to ongoing software development, in order to continuously improve existing products and performance.

This commitment to quality, likely driven by new CEO Tom LaSorda, sounds like the automaker is moving in the right direction. Is it enough action on Fisker’s part, or will these steps equate to fighting a forest fire with a garden hose?

Give us your thoughts below.


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